Part of The Eyes label, Eyes Wide Open was founded by Véronique Prugnaud and Vincent Marcilhacy in 2022. Its mission is to support and develop artistic projects and actions that are driven by a social, societal and environmental commitment. The 1st photo book grants is the first initiative launched, with the aim of supporting French and international photographers through French publishing.

Photo publishing plays a major role in a photographer’s career, helping to disseminate his or her work. And yet, despite the growing number of publications, the economy remains fragile. This leads to a relative reluctance on the part of industry publishers to take on the financial risk of 1st books by lesser-known photographers. The 1st photo book grants aims to encourage French photographers and publishers in a creative dynamic.

Eyes Wide Open pursues and develops a tradition of commitment focused on the major issues facing our society, in the service of creative players and the general public. The long-term CIVIS MARITIMUS program with the Ronan Guillou Fellowships was created with this ambition in mind.