APRIL 19 > JUNE 8, 2024
OPENING APRIL 18, 5:30 TO 8:30 P.M.

In the exhibition UNIQUE, Hangar explores 21 projects by Belgium-based artists, including the work of Aliki Christoforou – winner of the Ronan Guillou 2023 Grants – with her “perspectives submergées” series developed as part of this grant.

What unites them: the creative gesture. It’s not just the photographic point of view that’s celebrated here, but also manual labor. Establishing this physical link with the work translates into the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces that defy the norms of silver photography and stand in opposition to the reproducibility of digital photography.

UNIQUE is all about meaning and awareness. Most of the artists link their gestural practice to conceptual approaches, tackling subjects such as ecology, the role of women, the degradation of nature, technological upheaval, and many others, feeding into major global debates.


Aliki Christoforou “Perspectives Submergées” (Submerged Perspectives)